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Green and fair economy

Human prosperity and welfare are one of the many aspirations of Agenda 21 - of which climate issues are a vital part - and are thus to tie in with a healthy environment and social justice. This, then, prerequisites both economic stability and viability, which can only be granted if businesspeople take a long-term view of the economy worldwide.

A sustainable economy hinges, amongst other things, on the implementation of a rather complex system comprising quite a range of issues such as: (a)  the provision of eco-fair commodities and services,  (b) increased competition, (c) the creation of job opportunities and fair employment, (d) green financial and social investment to further a skilled workforce, (e) developing recycable, durable, non-toxic goods to help reducing (hazardous and other) waste and with it the depletion of our natural resources, (f) energy efficiency, (g) emission-free transport, and (h) eco-fair tourism.

To a certain degree, Harburg's economy is moving towards sustainability, too. Click on the links below to read more about companies and projects that enhance the local Agenda 21 process. If you wish your company's project be listed here, please talk or write to the office team.

> Solar Award
> Sustainable Training
> Touring the Port


Touring the Port

Ports are centres of global trade and migration. Goods and people arrive and leave here. On their regularly offered guided boat trips and walking tours through the ports of Hamburg and Harburg, Hamburg-based initiatives take a look behind the scenes and wish to make the public aware of the relationship between colonialism, migration and globalisation and the (north-south) problems arising from this.

Eine Welt Netzwerk e.V.
Phone: + 49 40 358 93 86, web: http://www.ewnw.de/

Hafengruppe Hamburg,
Phone: +49 40 18986758, web: www.hafengruppe-hamburg.de

St. Pauli Archiv e.V.,
Phone: 49 40 3194772, web: www.st-pauli-archiv.de,

Werkstatt 3 e.V., Nernstweg 32-34 (train station Altona), 22765 Hamburg
Phone:+49 40 39 80 53 - 60, web: www.werkstatt3.de

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