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Energy production and consumption


Today's energy production and consumption is causing  extensive greenhouse gases. If uncurbed, these emissions will lead to a  temperature increase that is likely to cause dramatic climatic changes and global problems.

In order to prevent further threats to the integrity of the earth's eco-systems and bio-diversity as well as to human health and well-being, we must tackle climate change and protect our natural environment against pollution by changing our production and consumption patterns: (a) improve public and private energy efficiency, (b) decrease the use of fossil fuels (wood, oil, coal  and gas) and with it the level of CO2 emissions, and (c) increase the utilization of  emission-free renewable energy sources (such as sunlight, wind, tides, rain, and geothermal heat).

Saving the climate is not all a matter of technology, though. You must accept your share in it and virtually waste no energy for the benefit of a sustainable life style. What can you do? To get some ideas, click on the links below and read a brief presentation of projects, events and examples of good practice.  If you are already involved in an energy project you'wish to be published here, then contact us.

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Energy Counselling

Harburgers seeking advice for efficient and climate-friendly energy consumption in their homes can either turn to our local energy counsellor, or attend the regular presentations and counselling events at the Centre for Energy Construction (EnergieBauZentrum ELBCAMPUS).

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Green hospital

The Harburg Asklepios Hospital (Aesklepiosklinik Harburg) and GE Healthcare Technology are piloting the first European "Green Hospital". The hospital's buildings will be entirely overhauled and extended to meet the ecological and economical standards of sustainable healthcare for the benefit of the patients' well-being. The project should be completed by 2013.

For more information about current environmental practices of green hospitals click here.

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Green Living Quarters

Providing locals with low energy housing is the key issue of a new project launched by the Harburg Parliament in June 2008. Designed as a major contribution to Hamburg's Climate Action Plan (Hamburger Klimaschutzprogramm), Harburg plans to build climate-friendly living quarters featuring passive houses in Fischbek-Neugraben.

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Solar Power

During the annual European Solar Days, every year enumerous events take place throughout Germany, many of which are staged in Hamburg and Harburg. Click here to view events in 2009 (9.- 17.05.09). The European Solar Days aim to raise awareness about the need for and the advance of solar technology and to promote the use of solar power in Europe.

The German Solar Days are organized by the German Solar Industry Association (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft). German craft associations, the Alliance of German Cities and Municipalities, environmental and climate organizations and the German Federal Ministry of Environment support the events.

For more information go to www.solardays.eu.


The Harburg Mechanical Engineering Factory Maschinenbau-Fabrik Nitbon & Partner GmbH received the German Solar Award (Deutscher Solarpreis) 2007 for its innovative combination of solar power and air and water heating systems.

Contact: Behoerde fuer Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt
Phone: +49 040 42840-2051 or -2058, -3063, -3249


Independet solar power plants
Aiming  to set up as many private solar power plants as possible, residents of Rosengarten (county Harburg) founded a cooperative called "Buerger-Solarkraftwerke Rosengarten"  in 2009. And so far, they have been fairly succesful.

More details in German holds this website: www.buergersolarkraftwerke-rosengarten.de/

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Urban Climate Action

In December 2008, Harburg opened its local Buero for Climate Action. Its major task is the steering and coordination of climate-friendly and sustainable urbanization processes in Harburg.

Petra Schulz, Bezirksamt Harburg, Presse- und Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit,
Phone: +49 40 4 28 71 40 10; Fax: +49 40 4 27 907 888,
E-mail: Petra.Schulz(at)harburg.hamburg.de, web: www.hamburg.de/harburg


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