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Sustainable development is a process towards the ecologically sound, socially fair and economically viable future of our planet. This so-called Agenda 21 process can only work if every one of us accept responsibilty for and commit themselves to the well-being of the present and future generations.

Below you will find some participation ideas - by no means an exhaustive treatment of all the opportunities and possibilities to get serious about shaping our common future.

How to contribute to the local Agenda 21 process

  • Reflect your behaviour and align it to the principles of a sustainable development. Become a responsible, energy-conscious and ethical shopper, consumer and traveller. You'll find respective suggestions in our guides and in various publications of several initiatives in Harburg, Hamburg and beyond.
  • Take part in campaigns and participate in or even organize public events such as "No excuse. Stand up against poverty" to raise awareness amongst your fellow citizens about the most urgent challenges of the 21st century.
  • Collect signatures in support of special campaigns and submit them to the respective organizer.
  • Found or join a focal group, either an Agenda 21 working group or forum or any other initiative (for instance, from our list of local partners) aiming to further the local Agenda 21 process.
  • Support the office team of HARBURG21 on a volutary basis: Help us, for instance, photocopy and distribute flyers, posters and other material, or give us a hand with public events. You may also sort our files, update address data bases and press reviews, or research, collect and layout or simply proof-read HARBURG21 material (flyers, poster, notes for our information board etc). Furthermore, good translation services, especially German-Turkish or English-Turkish, are also welcome. Competent IT Services are also urgently needed.
  • Submit photos and/or reports on Agenda 21 issues, write reviews on books, brochures, CDs, DVDs, films and teaching material tackling sustainability - you will be appropriately credited and advised accordingly.
  • Promote HARBURG21 e.V. as a member, donor or sponsor - click here for more details.

Please get in touch with us to obtain more information and assistance:

Harburger Ring 33/35
21073 Hamburg
Phone/Fax: +49 40 30 92 52 21
E-mail: buero(at)harburg21.de


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