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Learning sustainability in Harburg

Learning sustainability in Harburg is comparatively easy. For instance, Harburgers (and others!) can consult our website day and night and look for inspiration for an eco-friendly, climate-compliant and fair life style.

Logo Learning Sustainability in HamburgOur rather comprehensive website is well-known in Germany and beyond for its educational, communicational and networking  services.Since 2008 it has been listed in Hamburg's Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development (HHAP).

Being an example of "good practice", our trilingual web portal on www.harburg21.de has been recognised by the German National Committee for the UN Decade ("Education for Sustainable Development" 2005-2014) as an "Official German Project for the UN Decade 2009/2010 and 2011/2012. We are now one of the nearly 1750 projects that have been awarded recognition since 2005 and are part of the worldwide network "Learning Sustainability".

To read more about sustainable projects in Harburg and beyond turn to the section on "Focal Actions"

Chris Baudy

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