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HARBURG21 - Local Agenda 21 in Harburg

HARBURG21 represents the local Agenda 21 for one of Hamburg's southern areas and stands for "Harburg's plan for the sustainable development in the 21st century. The respective political decision dates back to 1997 when the delegates of the local parliament (Bezirksversammlung Harburg) agreed unanimously on establishing a local Agenda 21 for Harburg. Soon after the widely observed inauguratory plenary meeting the first Agenda 21 working or focal groups (transport21, schools21, energy) emerged and their hosts reported to the steering group on a regular basis. Administrative support came from the voluntary crew of the HARBURG21 office.

The people behind HARBURG21 envisage a viable Harburg today and tomorrow and wish to contribute to Harburg's sustainable development. This can only work if Harburg's citizens strive for a balance between the ecological, social and economical development.

Thanks to the financial support of the Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung (NUE) and a high degree of voluntary commitment, HARBURG21 grew into a local sustainability network over the past two years (2007 -2008). The major tool in this development played and still plays the present platform. It functions as an instrument of informal education, communication and networking. In 2008 HARBURG21 joined the Hamburg Future Council and was listed in the Hamburg Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development (HHAP).

Referring to their decision in 1997, the local parliament repeated their unanimous support for the local Agenda 21 in 2007. Permanent support render the District of Harburg and the HARBURG21 Support Group (Förderverein HARBURG21).


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