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Our goals

Autor Stephan Sigg liest am 23.09.09 in der Harburger Buchhandlung Stein SchülerInnen aus seinem Buch HARBURG21 wants to make the general public increasingly aware of the global challenges we are facing today and tomorrow and to motivate the people to act accordingly at the local level.

Our general objectives are:

  • Raise public awareness of the need for a sustainable development and make people change their behaviour accordingly
  • Enhance focal action on sustainability by supporting collaboration between (local) groups and us
  • Create a local sustainability profile and work out the need for further concerted action in Harburg
  • Expand Harburg’s involvement in (D)ESD projects to improve people’s (participation) skills to shape our common future (from a local perspective with a global view)

The road to success leads via:

  • maintaining, updating and up-grading Harburg’s Climate & Sustainability Portal www.harburg21.de
  • network activities with local Agenda 21groups and NGOs
  • planning and conducting, supporting and co-ordinating local/regional sustainability activities and projects
  • press/media work and PR
  • providing information and educational materials in print and also downloadable on www.harburg21.de

Accordingly, our job list reads as follows:

  • helping existing and new Agenda 21 focal groups and forums and those that are still in the process of being set up,
  • act as a local network by strengthening the ties between local focal groups, forums and initiatives acting towards the local sustainable development,
  • developing, expanding, upgrading and updating this local sustainability platform,
  • devising various information & education materials enhancing a viable way of life (in Harburg) - click here to access our downloadable guides,
  • issuing a newsletter on a regular basis,
  • recommending and/or reviewing publications within the sustainability domain - click here to see our present selection,
  • sending press releases to the local press,
  • updating regularly our notice board with Agenda 21 information on current affairs, events and special topics,
  • providing annual reports on Harburg's sustainable development,
  • organizing public events such as presentations, information stands, and displays, often in cooperation with other Agenda 21 inititatives,
  • hosting readings and talks about questions on sustainability,
  • promoting signature campaigns,
  • preparing plenary meetings.


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