Klimaportal der Lokalen Agenda 21 im Raum Harburg

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The programme

"Agenda 21" is a UN-run, global action programme to combat the challenges of the 21st century.

"Agenda 21" is a "list of things to be done" throughout this century, in fact, a comprehensive blueprint of actions to ensure the sustainable development of our planet.

What is this action programme about?

Taking care of the earth (motif and photo by Gisela Baudy)Agenda 21 is a dynamic programme supported by approximately 180 countries aiming to build a global partnership in which every state and every one of us are to combine forces for a viable future. The guiding principle is a sustainable way of life – to secure life on Earth and mankind's survival today and tomorrow. The essence of human sustainability is the balance between ecological, social and economic progress. This necessitates an adequate economic development which is both socially equitable and environmentally friendly. Thus, Agenda 21 is a world wide participation programme for our common future and builds on our collective effort at the local and global level.


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