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The World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannisburg/South Africa in September 2002 confirmed the urgency of taking global measures to achieve the common goal of sustainable development.

The focus of the Johannesburg Summit was on the indivisibility of human Logo Johannesburg 2002 (World Summit on Sustainable Development)dignity and on building human solidarity. Special emphasis was put on the eradication of poverty and access to basic requirements (clean water, sanitation, food security, health care, shelter, energy and the protection of biodiversity) in the developing countries. Furthermore, the need for peace keeping and maintaining cultural and religious freedom, women's empowerment and gender equality was particularly recognized.

Understanding the need for a feasible and viable plan that brings about poverty eradication and human development, the delegates drew up the "Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development" embracing poverty eradication, changing patterns of consumption and production, protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development, sustainable development in a globalizing world, health and sustainable development, sustainable development of small island developing states, sustainable development for Africa, other regional initiatives, means of implementation, and an institutional framework for sustainable development.

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