Klimaportal der Lokalen Agenda 21 im Raum Harburg

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Fair coffee break, 30.09.11. Left to right: Bernd Kähler (local politician), Gisela Baudy (HARBURG21), Manfred Schulz (local politician), Birgit Podendorf (Weltladen Harburg), Lisa Speck (Fair Trade Stadt Hamburg), Antje Kurz (Neugraben fairändern) (photo by Chris Baudy)

HARBURG21 regularly combines forces with local and other partners to further public awareness of sustainable issues such as climate and environmental protection, fair economic systems and the like.

12/02/2014 Three win Harburg's Sustainability Prize 2014

On November, 26th, 2014, Thomas Voelsch, Mayour of Hamburg-Harburg and Manfred Schulz, President of Hamburg-Harburg's local parliament… [more]

01/15/2014 Successful opening of poster exhibition

On January 9th at 11 a.m., HARBURG21 and the Local Library (Bücherhalle Harburg) opened a poster exhibition entitled "18 projects leading the… [more]

11/15/2013 Three winners share Harburg's First Sustainability Prize

On November 13th, 2013, three proud winners received Harburg's First Sustainability Prize at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH):… [more]

10/09/2011 Fair coffee break

On 30. September 2011, Germany's "Coffee Day", 52 Harburgers happily sipped a steaming cup of fair-traded organic coffee sponosored by Fair Trade Town… [more]

11/06/2010 Climate change adaptation in Harburg

On 02.11.10, already at 7 p.m., Harburg's Town Hall was packed. Torsten Meinberg,  Head of Harburg's District Authority, introduced the event and was… [more]

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