Klimaportal der Lokalen Agenda 21 im Raum Harburg

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Climate change adaptation in Harburg

On 02.11.10, already at 7 p.m., Harburg's Town Hall was packed. Torsten Meinberg,  Head of Harburg's District Authority, introduced the event and was delighted that so manyaudience atHarburg's Town Hall (photo by Gisela Baudy) people had turned up. Young and old filled the seats (about 150!) curious to find out what the 6 speakers - all academic researchers acting within the scope and aims of KLIMZUG Nord - had to say. We learned about current scientific climate data and possible ways and means to adapt to climate change  - at the regional level (the metropolitan reaches of Hamburg) and in particular in a place like Harburg with its maritime flair and possibilities. The audience seized the opportunity to ask for specific information. During the break, people and speakers alike gathered around the Worldshop counter and enjoyed brief exchanges with each other while sipping their eco-fair drinks and/or munching organic and fair traded snacks. Lasting more than three hours, the event ended at a quarter past 10 p.m. Thanking the hosting organisations (KLIMZUG Nord, HARBURG21 and Harburg's District Authority), Klaus Milke (board member of Germanwatch) suggested that (not just) Harburg should see more of such high quality events that  combine climate change and climate adaptation. All in all, everybody agreed that the event had been a real success.

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