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Successful opening of poster exhibition

On January 9th at 11 a.m., HARBURG21 and the Local Library (Bücherhalle Harburg) opened a poster exhibition entitled "18 projects leading the sustainable way - for Harburg, for everyone, today and tomorrow". 21 posters provide pictures and information about Harburg's First Sustainability Award 2013, the winners, their co-applicants and the projects as well as HARBURG21, who initiated and organized the award. Following the decision of an independent jury, Thomas Voelsch, Mayor of Harburg, and Manfred Schulz, President of the Local Parliament, had awarded  the prize in November last year.

Quite a few guest aged betwAward winning class of KSH with Dietmar Gruenberg (teacher) (photo by Gisela Baudy)een 5 to 65 attended to ceremony: pre-school kids from the nearby KITA Eddelbuettelstrasse, the "Award winning class" of Katholische Schule Harburg (KSH, Catholic School of Harburg), i.e. one of the winners of Harburg's Sustainability Award 2013, members of the jury and representatives of HARBURG21. 

Anke ZumdJürgen Marek and Anke Zumdohme in front of poster display (photo by Gisela Baudy)ohme, the library director, and Juergen Marek, member of HARBURG21's steering group, welcomed the visitors and explained their ideas about sustainable development in Harburg and the two co-operation partners' share in it.

Wearing paper animal masks on their faces and holding magnifiers in their hands, the youngest visitors took over. Singing, jumping, sitting and standing, they presented their view on nature exploration and protection in a rather delightful fashion.

The audience applauded and moved on to the inofficial part of the opening: munching eco-fair snacks, exchanging views and ideas and networking. exhibition zone in Harburg's library (photo by Gisela Baudy)

The event was generally well received by everyone and ended at 1:30 p.m.

Until January, 30th, visitors are welcome to enjoy the exhibition - free of charge - during the official opening hours (Tuesdays - Fridays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m). (Chris Baudy)

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