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Natural environment

Hamburg's South has a lot to offer ranging from rich vegetation such as moors and marshlands, heath, woods and forests and unique river flood plains to brooks, creeks and lakes which have been partly restored to their natural state.

There are many projects to protect the biological diversity of Harburg's environment. They are run by the Hamburg Environmental Agency, the lHarburg District Authority and frequently - and increasingly, too - by many citizens and initiatives who get involved in the care of brooks or creeks, village greens, parks or stations providing information and learning opportunities on environmental matters.

Do not hesitate to contact Contactus if you would like your own local environmental projects and/or initatives to be listed here.

In the following we will supply you with a synopsis of various local activities and projects. To read about them, click on the respective link below.

> Bio-diversity
> River Island Development
> Nature reserves

In our planet's eco-systems, no single living being can survive without the existence and well-being of another species. Consequently, natural bio-diversity is an indispensible ingredient in the process of maintaning environmental integrity.

The Harburg District Authority has pledged to protect the common brown frog, since it belongs to the endangered species. On their way to their breeding waters, great numbers of frogs and other amphibia such as toads and newts run over by cars, bikes and buses. Thus, six ponds have been created in the Eissendorf Forest (Eissendorfer Forst) to both shorten the amphibia's routes and to ensure their reproduction. Regular guided tours inform the public about the respective status quo of the ponds and the species.

Another project is a wonderful online gallery run by Gerhard Brodowski, a hobby photographer and bird admirer based in Wilhelmsburg (a neighbouring district). He portraits domestic birds such as long-eared owls, eagle owls, white-tailed (sea) eagles or kestlers. Website visitors may download his images free of charge for non-commercial use, however, not without his written consent. Gerhard Brodowski's vision is that we take action to protect our eco-systems. For this to happen, he offers people, and  in particular, children,  an opportunity to take a closer look at and admire nature's beauty in the shape an size of birds. Click here and see for yourself/ves.

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River Island Development
The International Garden Show (Internationale Gartenschau igs) 2013 will take place in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Europe's largest river island (Elbinsel). Preparation for this six months spanning mega event (April - October) are in full swing. They include the planning of the showground and, most importantly, of a public park catering for the local needs in a sustainable fashion. Important issues are here cultural diversity, urban planning and development, logistics and the nearby port.

To find out more about this ambitious project, click here.

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Nature reserves
The Nature Protection Association - Southern Branch (Naturschutzbund Deutschland NABU, Gruppe Sued) and the Nature Protection Association - Society for Ecological Planning (Naturschutzverband Gesellschaft für Ökologische Planung GöP) are actively preserving local nature reserves.

The NABU (Southern branch) observe and preserve several nature reserves covering heathland, moorland, pastures and creeksides in the Harburg district and in neigbouring Finkenwerder. The group regularly invites the general public  to join one of the many guided tours and to help with conservation measures. The group meets regularlyon the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.
Venue: Luther-Kirche, Gemeindehaus, Kirchenhang 21, 21073 Hamburg.

For more information contact Mr Rainer Kues, Phone: 040 764 46 81 or go to: www.NABU-Hamburg.de/Sued

The GöP specialised on nine Harburg nature reserves, one of which is the Heuckenlock, Europe's unique fresh water meadows and wetlands. Like the NABU, the GöP offers many events to inform the public at their information centres (see below) and outdoors about ecological integrity and engage young and old in respective activities.

Contact details: Naturschutzverband GÖP -- Gesellschaft für ökologische Planung e.V. - Naturschutz-Informationshaus (General Information Centre)
Boberger Niederung, Boberger Furt 50, 21033 Hamburg
Phone: 040 - 73931 - 267, Fax.: 040 - 73931 - 268, Email: goep.ev(at)web.de

Elbe Tideauenzentrum Bunthaus (Information Centre Heuckenlock)
Moorwerder Hauptdeich 33,  21109 Hamburg, Phone: 040 - 75062 - 83
E-mail: goep.ev(at)web.de

For more details information (in German language) click here.

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