Klimaportal der Lokalen Agenda 21 im Raum Harburg

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05/30/2017 International cartoon competition

Submit your work on land degradation and climate until June, 12th. [more]

05/30/2017 United Nations Digital Library now open to all

Easy access to UN documents worldwide. [more]

05/09/2017 German Overshoot Day 2017

According to the Global Footprint Network, April 24th marked Germany's "Overshoot Day" this year. It came five days earlier than last year. For the… [more]

12/05/2016 Harburg Sustainability Prize 2016

Three winners and three special mentions. By Chris Baudy [more]

09/14/2016 Earth Overshoot Day 2016

August, 8th marks this year's Earth Overshoot Day.  So, we have already used up all the resources that Mother Earth has in store for us for this year… [more]

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