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05/12/2015 EU bans chromium in leatherware

One step in the right direction: From May 1st,  leather articles containing chromium VI are  banned from the European market. Whilst this EU… [more]

02/16/2015 Poster exhibition on sustainable local projects

on January 20th, 2015, Thomas Voelsch, Mayor of Harburg, will open the second poster exhibition on sustainable local projects at 3:30 p.m. at… [more]

12/27/2014 Winter Break 2014

The HARBURG21 office will be closed from December, 22nd to January, 7, 2015. Until then, we wish you a wonderful time during and after the festive… [more]

12/02/2014 Three win Harburg's Sustainability Prize 2014

On November, 26th, 2014, Thomas Voelsch, Mayour of Hamburg-Harburg and Manfred Schulz, President of Hamburg-Harburg's local parliament… [more]

08/21/2014 Harburg Sustainability Award 2014

For the second time, the Harburg Parliament (Bezirksversammlung Harburg) presents an award to honour individuals, NGOs, organizations, businesses and… [more]

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