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10/18/2011 Successful integration of ESD in (Harburg) schools

In July, 2011,  HARBURG21 published their second free brochure entitled: "BNE-Leitfaden für (Harburger) Schulen. Ausgewählte Praxisbeispiele zur… [more]

10/09/2011 Fair coffee break

On 30. September 2011, Germany's "Coffee Day", 52 Harburgers happily sipped a steaming cup of fair-traded organic coffee sponosored by Fair Trade Town… [more]

10/07/2011 Market for volunteers in Harburg

On 010.09.2011 the 5th Market for Volunteers took place at the local Town Hall. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., roughly 30 environmental and social… [more]

06/24/2011 HARBURG21 publication

HARBURG21 Publication For 15 years now HARBURG21 has successfully - with ups and downs admittedly - supported the local Agenda 21 process. When it… [more]

06/01/2011 Hazardous Waste Collection in HARBURG

Hazardous Waste Collection On June 9 and 10, Harburgers need not take their hazardous waste to the local recycling yard. They can leave it instead… [more]

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