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03/02/2012 International Summer School on Fair Trade in Bremen

Students of all subjects and activitsts in Fair Trade organisations and NGOs are invited to take part in Bremen's International Summer School on Fair… [more]

10/18/2011 Successful integration of ESD in (Harburg) schools

In July, 2011,  HARBURG21 published their second free brochure entitled: "BNE-Leitfaden für (Harburger) Schulen. Ausgewählte Praxisbeispiele zur… [more]

10/09/2011 Fair coffee break

On 30. September 2011, Germany's "Coffee Day", 52 Harburgers happily sipped a steaming cup of fair-traded organic coffee sponosored by Fair Trade Town… [more]

10/07/2011 Market for volunteers in Harburg

On 010.09.2011 the 5th Market for Volunteers took place at the local Town Hall. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., roughly 30 environmental and social… [more]

06/24/2011 HARBURG21 publication

HARBURG21 Publication For 15 years now HARBURG21 has successfully - with ups and downs admittedly - supported the local Agenda 21 process. When it… [more]

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