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04/15/2013 Free online course on interactive whiteboards

Language teachers and teaching trainees interested in the pedagogical side of interactive classroom technologies should register for this course run… [more]

02/25/2013 Join online discussion on Urban Mobility

State your visions on how to travel best from A to B and help create solutions and concepts on sustainable urban mobility. The sky is the limit ! And… [more]

02/11/2013 Campaign for women's rights

On February, 14th, people celebrate Valentin's Day. V-Day is  basically a hattrick to boost sales figures. As long as this also increases the… [more]

02/06/2013 Pesticides pose serious threat to amphibians

Frogs, toads and newst are animals in global decline and thus listed as endagered species. A recent environmental study shows the fatal impact of… [more]

01/14/2013 We have moved

HARBURG21 has moved to a new location next to Harburg's Town Hall. Here is how you can reach us by mail, phone, email or via the internet:  HARBURG2… [more]

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