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Harburg's Sustainability Prize supports three initiatives

Circular economy, art exchange and urban gardening recieve prize money.

On November, 22, 2019, three winners took all! They shared 5,000 EUR between them. This year, the Sparda-Bank Hamburg co-sponsored Harburg's Sustainability Prize for the first time. 

A record-breaking 22 projects entered the competition this year to win the "big money" - 5,000 EUR, thanks to Sparda-Bank Hamburg, who chipped in 3,000 EUR.

As for the winners: Culture played a surprizingly strong role in their work. The jury ranked  NaNE - Nachbarschaftsgarten Neuwiedenthal (an open urban gardening project) third and awarded 1,000 EUR to the team, since NaNe combines cultural and ecological diversity. Similarly, the HABIBI Atelier - an open arts studio for locals and newcomers from all corners of the world - joins artsy endevour and social integration to form stronger ties within the community: The art works created in the studio are put up for sale in order to exchange art with practical things:  Sleeping bags, socks, clothing, blankets, dog food and other things rough sleepers need rather badly. A few days before Christmas Eve the HABIBI team visits rough sleepers to present them with a "Christmas present".  Sly, artist, newcomer and project leader, received 1,500 EUR for his inititive. And the no one of the evening was Precious Plastic Hamburg (PPHH), a student and locals initiative with a participatory approach to local circular economy. The team took the remaining 2,500 EUR home for their idea to collect, grind and remould plastic waste. 

Mixed Emotions, the Harburger „Fab Mixed Emotions (credit Gisela Baudy)Four“ Jasim Kube, Max Mueller, Joss Pote, und Florian Schuster, took the audience on a pleasant musical ride with  "Der blaue Planet" (Blue Planet - wrttten by Jasmne Kube), John Lennon's classic song "Imagine", "Nach dieser Erde" (After this world has gone) by Gerd Kern and „Wonderful World“ by Louis Armstrong. Eco-fair meatless fingerfood and soft drinks concluded the evening.

Chris Baudy

  NaNe (credit Gisela Baudy)
Artist and project initiator Sly (credit Gisela Baudy)  
Precious Plastic Hamburg (credit Gisela Baudy)  




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