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Four winners take home Local Sustainability Prize 2023

On November 24th, the Harburg District Assembly awarded four local projects with the 11th Harburg Sustainability Prize - altogether 5.500 EUR. As in the previous four years, the Sparda-Bank Hamburg co-funded the prize money. The happy winners come from the fields of education, research, business and non-profit services.

All applicants with (left to right) Helga Kedenburg, Jürgen Marek, Robert Timmann, Jacqueliene Birkner,  Dr. Regina Marek (photo credit: Gisela Baudy)

This year, the jury awarded 1.000 EUR each to two initiatives: (i) to the EnergieBauZentrum for its interactive, on-site 'Climate Change Adaptation Check for Schools' and (ii) to KAMI e.V. for their multilingual, free-of-charge counselling service for refugees to help them cope in their new environment (3rd prize).

Researchers from the Institute for Circular Resources Engineering and Management (Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg TUHH) received 1.500 EUR. Their project aims to replace cement with combustion residue for use in the building industry (2nd prize).

This year's big winner was the Primary School Scheeßeler Kehre. Their project stood out for its hands-on approach to a bat-friendly school garden. Bats may become extinct shortly due to habitat loss (predominantly in urban settlements), food shortage (first and foremost insects) or environmental pollutants (1st prize).

All winners with Robert Timmann und Jacqueliene Birkner (photo credit: Gisela Baudy)

As has been the custom with the previous award ceremonies, this year, too, all "non-winners" (14 out of 18 participants) received their Certificate of Recognition. 

Photo credits: Gisela Baudy
Author: Chris Baudy
nun-Signet Umweltbehörde Hamburg



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