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Harburg Sustainability Prize 2021 supports charity, business and research

This year's winning projects revolve around beeswax cloths, beyond plastic packaging and bridge repair.

Honouring for the ninth time sustainable projects and activities in Hamburg-Harburg, the local District Assembly awarded 5,000 EUR to three winners on November 26, 2021.

Ranked third, Harburg-Huus, a hostel for rough sleepers and their dogs, happily accepted 1,000 EUR for their re-usable, handmade beeswax food wraps.

Second came Unverpackt Suederelbe, a start-up bringing twice a week unwrapped dry foods, cosmetics and cleansing agents to the markets in Hamburg-Harburg and Neugraben. The team took home 1,500 EUR.

Finally, the jury surprised Prof. Marcus Rutner and his team at the Harburg-based Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH - Institute for Metal and Composite Structures)The researchers received 2,500 EUR for their promising cost, energy and material-efficient approach towards renovating steel bridges with "Nanolayered Metal Joints", making bridges lasting up to 500 years as lab test results suggest.

TUHH project poster "Nanolayered Metal Joints" (1st winner) Suederelbe unverpackt poster (2nd winner)rize) Harburg-Huus poster "beeswax food wrap" (3rd winner) prize)

Chris Baudy
nun signet (BUKEA - Hamburg  Agency for the Environment)

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