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Link collection for more information

This link collection provides quick access to detailed background and other  information on the issues around sustainability.

The following selection is divided up into topical groups and will be permanently updated.

Agenda 21
Agenda 21 (Intro)
> Agenda 21 (UN Document)
> Earth Charta (The Hague/NL June 2000)

> The Road to Rio (Preceding events in brief)
> Rio Declaration of Environment and Development
> downloadable UN Documents
> United Nations Website
> World in Balance

Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, Global Goals) 
> Teach SDGs (assets, collections, events)

> Fair-fuels?
> Nuffield Council on Bioethics

> European Business and Biodiversity Campaign

Carbon Footprint  Calculators etc
> Carbon Footprint (calculator)
> Carbonify (calculator)
> Carbonize (calculator)
> Forest Finance (green investment)
> Nature Conservancy (calculator)
> Tree benefit (calculator)
> Water Footprint Network  (web portal)

Climate Action
> Fridays for Future (school strike initiative)
> Scientists4future (academic climate initiative)
> Right to Repair (EU-wide campaign: Let*s fix our smartphones)

Climate Change
> Climate Policies (PACT)
> Factsheets (WBGU)
> Germanwatch
IPCC Reports 
> Stern Report 2006 (Stern Review on the economics of climate change)
> Stern Report: key points (the Guardian, UK)
> United Nations Conventin on Climate change (UNCCC) 1992

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
> Social Language Business (glovico.org)

Critial voices
> global tv productions (English information, German video clips; German/English DVDs)

Education for Sustainable Development
Education for Sustainable Development in Germany
> The Decade (2005 - 2014)
> Global Action Programme (GAP) 2015 -2019
> UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning 

Education Ressources
> Weather & Climate (for Kids & Teens & Teacher covering elements of  the UK Geography, Science and Maths curriculum)

Environmental Issues
> European Commission.
> Beat Pollution (UN campaign for a pollution-free planet run by UN Environment Assemply)

Fair Fashion
> badalna (eco-fair dress shirt retailer)

Fair Trade
> European Fair Trade Association (EFTA)
> Fairtrade (brief intro)
Fairtrade Foundation (News, background, products, producers etc)
> Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO International)
> Fairtrade Labelling Certification (FLO-CERT)
> International Fair Trade Association (IFAT)
> World Trade Organization (WTO)

> Fracking explained - opportunity or danger (5-minute video clip)

Gender Equality
International Women's Day (Official website)
> Convention on women's rights  (UN Human Rights website) 
> Solidarity among Women
> Working Women (multi-lngual LabourStart news portal)

General and Global Health Care Issues

> Action for Global Health (European Network)
> Consumer Dangers  // Consumer Safety Guide.
> Know your DNA (Checks for more health)
> Medico - providing care, igniting hope
> Medication Safety Resource // Medical Malpractice  // Dangerous Drugs
   Drug Dangers // Mesothelioma.net // Mesothelioma Fund // Mesothelioma Veterans // Mesothelioma Caregivers // Mesothelioma.com, //  Mesothelioma Veterans Center//  Mesothelioma legal advice // Asbestos.com (with lung cancer statistics) // Asbestos.net // Guide to Clinical Asbestos Tests // Sokolove Law // Tuck sleep /
> US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
> Quit smoking, Tobacco Free Life

Give & Get for free
> Free Shopping in Harburg (Umsonstladen Harburg)
> Freecycle (Global "Free Gifts" Network)

Global Justice

> Global Citizen (Movement)
> Global Justice Movement
> Global Justice now
> Freedom United (Anti-Slavery Movement) 

Global Research
> GIGA (German Istitute for Global & Area Studies)

Gender Equality
International Women's Day (Official website)
> Solidarity among Women
> Working Women (multi-lngual LabourStart news portal)

Human Rights Issues
Freedom United
> Labour start (unionist's communication and campaigning service)
> Universal Rights (UN essential documents)

Local Exchange Trading Systems
> LETS Groups in Germany
> LETS Network UK

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs 2000-2015)
> MDGs (Intro)
> MDG Campaign End poverty 2015
> United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
> United Nations Millennium Declaration

Future Justice
> Future Policy Tool Kit
> Word Future Council 

> World Food Programme


> Bonn Sustainability Portal (click on one of "Topics" listed)  
> SDGs (United Nations)

> Grassroots Technologies
> Fair/green IT

Greenheart Project (low budget emissionfree shipping)
> TImbercoast  (emissionfree cargo shipping)

Waste Management
> Federal Environment Agency/waste management (Umweltbundesamt)

Aquapath (EU project, Water Footprint Calculator etc)
> IHP (UNESCO - Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme)
> World Water Day (UN Website)
> World Water Development Reports (UN-WSDR, document download) 

Without Borders
> Engineers without borders UK (EWB-UK)

Women's Rights >> see abv. Gender Equality


cb Chris Baudy (latest update  April 2020)

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