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Combating climate change - The German Adaptation strategy

On 71 pages the reader learns about climate protection and adaptation (the pillars of Germany's climate policy), human impact, our  responsibilities and capacities to adapt in various areas (health, coastal regions, energy industry, transport etc), the way forward (current German research programmes), Germany's contribution to global adaptation, and the road to the respective action plan (to be issued in 2011). Also included are  a glossary (from "Adaptation" to "Vulnerability") and a list of useful internet links for more information about the issue.

You may order this brochure  free of charge at:
Federal Ministryfor the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Postfach (P.O. Box) 30 03 61, 53183 Bonn/Germany or by E-Mail: bmu(at)broschuerenversand.de (see also: www.bmu.de/english)

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