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Sustainable Early Childhood Education

Education for sustainable development (ESD) plays an important role in enabling the young and the old to shape our global future for the well-being of all today and tomorrow. It is a lifelong learning process that is best started in Early Childhood Education (ECE). The Hamburg-based sustainable learning initiative "KITA21 - Shapers of the Future" - run by S.OF. Save Our Future Umweltstiftung - helps kindergarten practitioners integrate aspects of ESD in their work with young children aged between 2 and six years and awards successful nursery schools the title "KITA21".

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Chris Baudy (latest update: January 2015)


KITA21 is a joint approch by S.OF. Save Our Future - Umweltstiftung (Environmental Foundation) and Leuphana University towards Educaton for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Early Childhood Education.  ...more


In this section, we list sustainable nursery schools in Hamburg-Harburg. ...more
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