Klimaportal der Lokalen Agenda 21 im Raum Harburg

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Practical action in Harburg

In this section you will find descriptions of local projects, institutions and activities listed under these headings: consumption, economy, education for sustainable development, energy, mobility, nature and social issues.

Education for sustainable development (ESD)

Education is one of the salient pillars towards human progress. Accordingly, to advance sustainable development, people of all ages must acquire the necessary abilities and skills to shape our world's future in a collective effort.  ...more


Today's energy production and consumption is causing extensive greenhouse gases. If uncurbed, these emissions will lead to a temperature increase that is likely to cause dramatic climatic changes and global problems.  ...more


Key issues of sustainable public and private transport are the reduction of both the noise level and the discharge of CO2 and pollutants, cutting costs and upgrading safety measures - to improve the quality of local and global life. ...more

Natural environment

Hamburg's South has a lot to offer ranging from rich vegetation such as moors and marshlands, heath, woods and forests and unique river flood plains to brooks, creeks and lakes which have been partly restored to their natural state.  ...more

Social issues

Our common (local and global) well-being depends on the balance between ecological and climate integrity, economic viability and social equity. Social unrest is predominantly caused by poverty, hunger, no access to clean water or health care, human rights violations etc.  ...more


Ethical shopping and responsible (energy) consumption is crucial for an ecologically healthy and socially fair economy. This does not automatically burden your budget, though.  ...more


Human prosperity and welfare are one of the many aspirations of Agenda 21 - of which climate issues are a vital part - and are thus to tie in with a healthy environment and social justice.  ...more
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