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Harburg's Sustainability Prize 2017

Local parliament calls for participation in fifth award round.

If you are based in Hamburg-Harburg and have ideas for sustainable (i.e. green and fair) projects, activities, campaigns etc, then you should apply for the Harburg Sustainability Award 2017 valued 2.000 euro.  Individuals, groups, non-profits, NGOs, companies and institutions are eligible to take part in the competition.

Ausschreibungsplakat 5. Harburger Nachhaltigkeitspreis

For more information (in German!) go to www.harburg21.de/de/mitmachen/nachhaltigkeitspreis/, download the application form, fill them in and send them together with a digital poster picturing your plans or projects to

Knoopstrasse 35,
21073 Hamburg.

The official honouring ceremony with each applicant's poster on display will take place on November 24th at Harburg's Town Hall. (6 - 9 p.m.). All applicants will be presented to the audience before the winner or winners are announced.

Eco-fair finger food and beverages will be offered free of charge and create plenty of opportunities for personal exchange.

If you have any more questions, contact the team at buero@harburg21.de.

Chris Baudy



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