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6th Harburg Sustainability Prize

23.11.2018: HARBURG21 presents 20 future-fit projects

It's been the sixth round of honouring sustainable projects in Harburg. Almost 100 guests followed the speeches and procedure at the local town hall, eager to know, who would get the prize this year.

Covering issues such as energy efficiency, nature conservation, responsible resource management, urban greening, integration of newcomers,  party leaving no one behind, and many more aspects of sustainable living and working, 20 projects had applied and submitted a poster illustrating their project activities.

v.l.n.r.: Charlotte Regelski, Ronja Lüdemann (Foto Chris Baudy)

After a quick run through all applications by Dr Chris Baudy (HARBURG21, member of the steering group), Robert Timmann, member of the local assembly, lauded the three winning projects, two of which the jury had ranked top to go with 750 EUR each: Refugees' Bike Workshop (Willkommen in Suederelbe e.V.) and Plant Trader Lorenz von Ehren.  The GOEP's Elbe River Renaturation and Restoration Activities were awarded the remaining 500 EUR.  A special mention received Stilbruch, a second hand shop (Stadtreinigung Hamburg) with moderate prices and a chance for eligible long-term unemployed to re-enter the job market.

Charlotte and Ronja enchanted the audience with English and Korean songs employing their voices, keyboard, guitar and Irish harp.

By 8:30 p.m., the guests one by one left Harburg's Town Hall to enjoy the rest of the evening elsewhere..

Until January, 31st, all project posters are on display at the local Town Hall (Harburger Rathausplatz 1, 20173 Hamburg) and also at the local library (Eddelbuettelstrasse 47 a, 21073 Hamburg)


Gesamtfoto mit Bewerbern, Jury und Lenkungsgruppe von HARBURG21 (Foto Chris Baudy)


Layla und Ingeborg Witton (Gisela Baudy)Our catering team: Layla and Ingeborg Witton looked after our guests with tasty, homemade organic, vegan-vegetarian and regional finger food and non-alcoholic drinks.


The Jury    


left to right: Angelika Goerözinger, Frank Wiesner, Robert Timmann, Helga Kedenburg, Rolf Buhs. Nicht im Bild: Dr. Dirka Grießhaber und Jörg Penner (Foto credit Gisela Baudy)


by Chris Baudy
Foto credits: Gisela Baudy (1,2,4-8,10-12), C
hris Baudy (3,9)

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